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Marimba Melts 240g



The Marimba Hot Chocolate Melt range is delicious and luxurious, made using real flaked chocolate from top quality cocoa beans. The result is a richer, smoother and more indulgent experience, available in sophisticated white, comforting milk, punchy dark.

Marimba World Chocolate is a family-owned business devoted to hand-making amazing chocolate.

Venezuela Milk 43%

A mix of Criollo and Trinitario Beans

A richer milk chocolate with the distinctive accent of hazelnut, caramel and vanilla. Combines a strong cocoa flavour, the impression of roasted beans and a clear nutty taste. The result is an exceptional milk chocolate; creamy, rich and delicious. Criollo beans are native to Venezuela and are renowned for producing chocolate with richer more intense flavours.

Colombia White 34%

Trinitario Cocoa Beans

A divine white chocolate distinguished by its natural colour and creamy flavour notes. With marked dairy notes of milk and cream, what makes this chocolate stand out is its floral, caramel cocoa undertone. Made entirely from Fino de Aroma beans this is one of the most exceptional white chocolates around. Colombia is a colourful and diverse country and this chocolate is a wonderful expression of that diversity.

Ecuador Dark 71%

Nacional Cocoa Beans

The exceptional fine flavour and rich aroma of Ecuador's native "Cacao Nacional" is the main characteristic of this dark chocolate. It is highly prized for its floral flavour. Our high cocoa content delivers a surprisingly gentle flavour distinguished by soft and subtle aromas. There is a floral hint, and a nuance of earthiness provides the finishing touch.


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