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The Punching Pickler Shallots

The Punching Pickler Shallots


"The Punching Pickler is a family run shallot pickling business based in Bristol. All our Shallots are individually hand peeled and pickled for all of you Shallot lovers to enjoy. We have produced 4 ranges, from our Original recipe to our hot and fiery, something for all the family."


If you like traditional Shallots, simple in Malt & Balsamic Vinegar, then these are the ones for you.


If you have a sweet tooth, then look no further. Our sweet shallots contain Sugar, Malt & Balsamic Vinegar. These Shallots may be sweet but they sure are Punchy!


If you like your food a little spicy, then why not give these a try. Our spicy shallots contain Malt & Balsamic Vinegar with Peppercorns and a Birds Eye Chilli Pepper. These shallots Definitely Pack a punch!


If you think you can handle the heat, these Fiery shallots are a real treat. These Shallots contain Malt & Balsamic Vinegar with Peppercorns, a Birds Eye Chilli Pepper and a Scotch bonnet. These are guaranteed to deliver a knockout blow!

How we started out:

Hi, we are Matt and Vicky, Husband and Wife from Bristol. We have been pickling shallots for many years for family and friends at Christmas time. Everyone kept telling us we should sell them as they were so impressed as they tasted better than the ones in the supermarket!

When Matt was a child, his Granddad would grow and pickle his own shallots from home. He taught Matt everything he knows and now this tradition has been carried down to the next two generations as Matt's parents also continue to pickle their own shallots.

Matt enjoys experimenting with different spices, flavours, and vinegars. Together we have perfected our recipes and feel confident that you'll agree that there is no better tasting pickled shallot out there!

We now feel that it is the right time to start our own family business selling pickled shallots for you all to enjoy, they really are delicious!

We are a family of five and together we have come up with our name and logo which is ‘The Punching Pickler'. Our eldest Son drew the logo that is being used on all of our labels. The name was finally decided after we were sat as a family watching a big boxing match on a Saturday night.

We hope you enjoy the Shallots as much as we enjoy producing them.

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