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Cradoc's Lemongrass, Coconut and Chilli Crackers



Authentic Thai flavours from real vegetables, finishing with a chilli kick.

*different crackers pictured

"Cradoc's baker-ladies deliver delicious vegan and vegetarian friendly savoury biscuits! As a rule we choose not to use sugar as an ingredient so the clue is in the title…..we'd rather blend vegetables, fruit, flowers and herbs to flavour our savoury
biscuits and crackers, naturally.

We love thinking about, gobbling, tasting and testing food here.
That's how we kicked off this little business, by baking vegetable crackers that married well with Welsh cheeses and charcuterie and all the other lovely produce we in Wales are lucky to find in food assemblies and farmers markets up and down the Principality.

We just make crackers nothing else!"


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